Managed Home Care vs Introductory Service

  12th January, 2017

Live-in care is certainly a very attractive alternative to residential care – your Mum and/or Dad would have a dedicated Carer in their own Home, someone they would get to know well and who you would be able to rely on to look after them without the upheaval of leaving their home.


The 1st decision to make is whether to go for the introductory / dating agency model, or to stick with the managed care model.  The introductory service, sounds ok in theory and seems cheaper, you are introduced to Carers by an agency, these Carers are self-employed and the cost to the client usually ends up at around £850 per week – I can see the attraction to the agency, it is very profitable to the company as they don’t have to pay for training, Quality Assurance, Management Supervision, Care Quality Commission regulation etc – all they have to do is have an office administration person to check references and DBS checks.

As a care provider, it’s very tempting…. but my caring soul finds it difficult to buy into, I would certainly not trust my parents to such a service…. my son’s less caring soul might take a different view.

The industry is very concerned, we have worked hard to make sure that Care at home is regulated and high standards of care are met. Part of the cost of managed care, in money and time goes into our regulators – Care Quality Commission.  They have brought out some rather stringent standards which we must keep and we must provide evidence that we do so.

Is this what has triggered the introductory service?  Obviously, it is not regulated and so does not have to meet the standards I believe are vital to protect our older generation.

Government policy causing chaos yet again…… Don’t get me started.

On the other hand, Arbour Companions and Care are making quite good business picking up the casualties from some of these introductory services, but sadly there are some real nightmares out there.  I would be interested in your views on this.

The Telegraph have recently run an article discussing Elderly Care options which led to my thoughts today – follow the link below to read more:

Can ‘at-home’ care be cheaper than a care home?

  • "The carers have been very good, one even using her free time to visit the husband in hospital and really going the extra mile."

    ED Westcott

  • "The  care that Jola provides is fabulous in every respect. I cannot praise her highly enough for the patience she shows with. It was a happy day when she came to us "

    RL Englefield Green

  • "As far as I am concerned, Roberta has been an absolute rock for our family. Completely unselfish in her care and invaluable."

    CB Guildford

  • "We are absolutely delighted with Karolina she is gentle and kind I love chatting to her and really enjoy her company."

    JH Cambridge

  • "Arbour provided live-in carers for my wife for six years from 2017-2023 including the pandemic. My main impression is of a very professional organisation in which owners and staff worked all the time to provide the support the client needed at as high a standard as possible. They gave equal attention to statutory requirements, care plans and staff training and never cut any corners."


  • "The support that we have had from Arbour Care has been, quite literally, lifesaving. They found an amazing carer to look after my elderly and disabled husband, who is very experienced, kind and thoughtful. She has made an enormous positive difference to the quality of our lives and I will always be grateful to her and cannot thank her enough."